Rock and roll—it’s an old man’s game

My favorite Grammy category, as far as this year’s nominees go, is Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance:

Beyond Here Lies Nothin’—Bob Dylan
Change In The Weather—John Fogerty
Working On A Dream—Bruce Springsteen
Fork In The Road—Neil Young

Apparently no one under the age of fifty is allowed to take part in this category—and if it wasn’t for Prince, that number would be sixty. Or is it just that no one under fifty would be caught dead as a rock solo act? As it happens, except for the members of Kings of Leon, all the nominees in the rock categories are over thirty, and most are closer to forty and beyond. And do you really think Kings of Leon would be nominated if they hadn’t sold a couple of million records this year? Not that there aren’t good songs on that list—and the two best are by the two oldest nominees—but, geez, even the Traditional Pop category shows a wider age range.