Hot 100 Roundup—7/23/11

Frank Ocean—-”Novacane”

Reviewed in Bubbling Under, 6/18/11

J. Cole—”Work Out”

You can’t blame Kanye West for rappers acting like self-obsessed, shameless assholes, but he certainly popularized the idea. The difference, of course, is that West is both pleased and appalled by his behavior, whereas Cole is only pleased. This makes Cole less threatening, but also far less interesting. It also makes him an even bigger jerk.

Josh Turner—”I Wouldn’t Be A Man”

Reviewed in Bubbling Under, 6/4/11

Avril Lavigne—”Smile”

Reviewed in Bubbling Under, 7/9/11

Don Omar—”Taboo”

Reviewed in Bubbling Under, 5/14/11

Foo Fighters—”Walk”

Strange. The song isn’t bad, and Dave Grohl sings as well as he ever has, but the production is so clean it robs the track of any dynamic force. Even the distortion sounds clean, if such a thing is possible. Maybe they tried too hard to make it perfect. Wonder what the demo sounds like.