Saw Richard Thompson at the King Cat last night, and my ears are still ringing. Lots of stuff from his new disc, The Old Kit Bag, played loudly, the anger and frustration and pain and indignation (lots of indignation) screaming out of his guitar. I would think he'd be way tired of playing 52 Vincent Black Lightning, Two Left Feet, and Tear-Stained Letter, though I have to admit to really enjoying all three. His drummer, Earl Harvin from Texas, was excellent; Peter Zorn, amazing, doing everything from vocals to rhythym guitar to mandolin to various sized saxophones to bass flute, and doing it all exceptionally well. Rory McFarlane, on bass and double-bass, looked a bit puzzled at various points in the evening, though I'm not sure why.

Anyway, it was the loudest show I've been to in a long time. But, as one of the audience shouted out during the encore, did we ever need this! And, we were able to get a copy of 1000 Years of Popular Music, something I've been waiting for.

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