Arnold = Antichrist?

This morning we got a hit from the google search "Arnold Governor Revelations Left Behind." It never occured to me that people might take his election in exactly this way, but it isn't a surprise, either. People love to suspect politicians with foreign accents of all sorts of things, especially if they're elected in landslides, popularity always being evidence of the devil's workings. When I was attending a pentacostal church in the 70s, they would play a game where they would take the letters in Kissinger, assign numbers to them, and manipulate them somehow to come up with 666. I thought it was a pretty neat trick until a few years later, when I read War and Peace, and found that Russians in the early nineteenth century played the same game with Napolean. No doubt someone is adding up Arnolds number's at this very minute.

Of course, there are any number of ways to play that game. Take the 700 Club, for instance. Subtract Christ's age when he was crucified, 33, and what do you get? 667, directly across the street from the beast! Has anybody checked Pat Robertson's neighborhood lately?



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