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Though I haven’t been posting here about it, I have been keeping up with the top ten. We’re up to fourteen number ones for the year, a healthier number than I would have expected at first, and with new records in the top ten almost every week. Justin Timberlake sits at the top for the moment, but with Beyonce and Diddy leaping up the charts that may not last much longer. There are also more signs of downloading, and the internet as a whole, having a greater effect on the charts, at least overseas. The surprise success of Sandi Thom, who jumpstarted her career by webcasting a series of concerts from her basement flat, is the latest example of what can be done. Thom had support from a marketing firm and a small independent label, but that doesn’t mean the same thing couldn’t be done by those with less. In the states, of course, we have OK Go, a major label band who put a couple of brilliantly conceived, very indie looking videos on and suddenly found themselves with a fast climbing top forty hit. Now that everybody can see how it’s done, there’ll be a lot more of this.

Meanwhile, back in 1966, I’m three weeks behind (and still in August). Maybe having to review “Yellow Submarine” and “You Can’t Hurry Love” in the same week unnerved me a bit. At any rate, they’re there now, and my plan, despite Jaq’s starting a new job and our getting ready to move, etc., is to update every four or five days, enough time for anyone who’s interested to see what was happening that particular week, until I get caught up. By which time we should be safely situated back in Seattle.



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