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Once again, no new records in the top ten this week, though Britney Spears does trade "Womanizer" for "Circus". I would probably need to do some research to make sure, but I can't help but wonder if there has ever been a down time as long and slow as the current one. Over the last eight weeks, starting at the beginning of December, only two songs have entered the top ten, and only now does there seem to be much movement toward the top from those records lower down the charts (and I expect Kelly Clarkson to take a big jump and be in the top ten next week). Part of this is the usual holiday lull, aided by the fact that most of the big artists releasing singles at the end of the year launched them in late September and October, instead of waiting until November, as is usually the case (an adjustment to the digital market as much as anything else). I'd like to think that everybody was waiting for the inauguration. Judging by the small crop of new records in the Hot 100, though, probably not. After all, what sort of greeting to a history-making president is a Katy Perry power ballad?



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