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There are many ways to get into the top ten, but these days there is apparently only one way to get to number one, and that's to leapfrog a prodigious number of places directly to the top spot, only to be leapt over yourself a week or two later. That's what the last three number one records have done, though it does look like it will be awhile before we see a new one. There's nothing in the upper reaches of the charts, aside from T.I.'s "Dead and Gone" (which was heavily boosted this week by the Grammies, and may well drop next week), that appears to have the strength to haul itself up one rung at a time, and nothing in this week's debuts will do much leapfrogging anytime soon. That's without even considering Flo Rida's astonishing sales figures--over 600,000 sold in one week. Even if his sales drop by double digit percentages over the next few weeks, it will be awhile before anyone is close to catching him. Unless...well, I'm not sure who would be able to pull it off--Justin Timberlake, maybe?--but by the end of the year we may well see the first single of the digital age to sell a million copies in a week. And just wait, in a year or two million selling debuts will probably be as common, and as easily swept off the charts, as flies. They may not even make number one.

Though this week's debuts lack any real top ten potential, they make for an interesting bunch: two Lily Allen songs (including "Fuck You", which, as Chris Molanphy points out, probably owes its high debut to curiosity more than anything else); a piece of jokey white frat rap ("I Love College") that thankfully seems to be influenced more by the Native Tongues Posse than, say, Eminem or Bubba Sparxxx; and finally, 50 Cent's latest attempt to revive his career. Whatever you think of 50 Cent, there's no doubt that "I Get In" is the best thing he's done since "A Little Bit". It's impossible not to wonder, though, since the song is basically about alcoholism, whether he might be offering us an explanation of his lost years. If he is, he doesn't sound too apologetic about it.



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