dolls and wizards

If I were still in my twenties, and it were still the 1980s, I'd be incredibly excited about the reuniting of The New York Dolls with Todd Rundgren--if only because Johnny Thunders and Killer Kane and Jerry Nolan would still be alive. Now it seems a bit like desperation, especially since the album includes a rerecording of the unimprovable "Trash". I don't think the desperation is on The Doll's part, though. Their last album was great, and David Johansen is as unflappable as they come. Todd, however, hasn't been involved in a high profile project for god knows how long (XTC's Skylarking is the last one I can think of) and was pleading poverty--from his estate in Hawaii--in a recent issue of Mojo. Personally, I think if he needs money that much he should start writing pop songs for Disney stars--he'd be a natural.



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