100 Some things about me

  1. I was born and raised in central Indiana.
  2. I didnít want to be my class valedictorian, so I intentionally got a C in trig.
  3. My grandfather convinced me to study engineering by sending me the employment ads from the Wall Street Journal.
  4. Iím the eldest of 5, 3 girls and 2 boys.
  5. I have an affinity for dramatic life changes.
  6. I play the horn, and have since I was ten.
  7. I have test-driven a few different religions.None of them stuck.
  8. I am an unrepentant omnivore.
  9. I thought I might become a veterinarian, until freshman biology.
  10. Iím really good at math.
  11. I got married at 20, divorced at 39, remarried at 43.
  12. I have two children, a girl and a boy. They are grown up.
  13. I used to be incredibly holier-than-thou, but got over it. Pretty much.
  14. I clean stuff when I am angry, frustrated, or sad.
  15. I consume books, and always have.
  16. I refuse to watch the TV news with the sound on.
  17. Iím a PC person, though I have worked on my step-momís Mac. Once.
  18. I can read Spanish and Italian fairly well. And music.
  19. I have never used any illegal drugs, but I do drink alcohol and enjoy it.
  20. I have met many people via the internet, some scary, most fun.
  21. RJM and I met via the internet, through a now-defunct site.
  22. I like mustard and pickles on my cheeseburgers.
  23. I grew up in the Midwest, lived in Phoenix for 10 years, lived in Seattle for 5 years and now live in eastern Washington.
  24. Iíve been to Australia 4 times, in every state and territory except WA.
  25. I drive a Toyota Prius, and itís the best.
  26. My one regret is having never finished a degree.
  27. I ride western, not English. I know how to goat-tie, pole-bend, and barrel-race.
  28. I play guitar fairly well, but only folk and some classical.
  29. I was quite gaunt in high school, and now I am not in the least.
  30. I love words.
  31. I have a wide and deep competitive streak.
  32. If I canít do something well, I just wonít do it at all.
  33. I canít bear Owen Wilson or Andie McDowell.
  34. I did really well at being self-employed for several years, but now I work for a nice big company.
  35. Two of my grandmothers and all my parents and step-parents are still living.
  36. I used to travel a great deal, for work and pleasure.
  37. When I am home, I am incredibly domestic. I like to iron.
  38. Iíve been skydiving. Single, static-line.
  39. My favorite color is a luminescent cobalt blue.
  40. Iím a Gemini, born very near the cusp of Taurus.
  41. I learned to interpret tarot cards on a long flight once.
  42. I used to cross-stitch for money for two different magazines.
  43. Some people have expressed recently that I am bossy. Actually, I'm just assertive and generally right.
  44. My politics are left-leaning, laissez-faire for the people, restrictions for business, rewards for the just, appropriate punishment for the bad.
  45. I write my html in Notepad or some other code editor.
  46. I really dislike caves and close places.
  47. My favorite thing to read about is food.
  48. For work, I often wear a pink hard hat and steel-toed Redwing boots.
  49. I have no idea how to describe my natural hair color. I haven't seen it for years and years.
  50. My biggest peeve is Bad Science. The next in line is people who think they are somehow entitled.