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Quote of the Day

“Driving across America, I’ve learned when I scan the radio dial and hit the wimpier brand of hair metal, I know I’ve found country radio.” —Holly Gleason, in the Nashville Scene’s 13th Annual Country Music Critics Poll.

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Honestly, What’s A Critic?

Michele Catalano’s Tumblr post about being an “honest critic” and how she really isn’t a critic at all, despite having a regular music column on the Forbes website, isn’t worthy of much attention. She gets almost everything wrong, but there … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name?

I don’t worry much about genre distinctions. When you’re writing about pop music, which cuts through and stomps down those sorts of artificial barriers every chance it gets, they don’t do you much good other than to give you an … Continue reading

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Oh, Grow Up

This week, for some reason, has been “I hate rap week”. Maybe it’s overload, or the knowledge that with every week there’s going to be another record in which: 1) mediocre rappers will brag about how much money they make, … Continue reading

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Hot 100 Roundup—9/22/12

The latest roundup has been posted by the Voice, and I’m already getting negative comments about my Taylor Swift review. I was expecting this. Criticizing charity singles, even when you like them, is a losing game. But that’s my job. … Continue reading

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I’ve been reviewing pop singles on this blog for almost eight years, and I’ve never gotten a reaction like I’m getting to my review in the Village Voice of OneRepublic’s new single. Part of it is numbers (I’ve never averaged … Continue reading

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My Kind of List

I’m a lover of long books, and I’m always trying to find things that are challenging, so this list of ten particularly difficult books is perfect for me. Three of them I’ve already read (Clarissa, To the Lighthouse, and A … Continue reading

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News Flash: Vertigo Replaces Last Year At Marienbad as World’s Most Highly-Respected Boring Movie

Alfred Hitchcock’s most over-rated movie is now considered the greatest film of all time, at least according to the Sight and Sound Poll. Not a surprise, of course, especially since they think that Apocalypse Now is better than the Godfather … Continue reading

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CNN, Where Ancient Critical Controversies Go To Die

Has image overtaken music? Shouldn’t they be asking the same thing about the news?

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A great piece by Billboard writer Kerri Mason on recent controversies regarding the mainstreaming of dance music. Part editorial, part joyful reminiscence of her days working at Danny Tenaglia’s club Vinyl. She doesn’t totally agree with the old-timers, but she … Continue reading

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