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“No, no. Not twostep. Dubstep”
Hot 100 Roundup—10/27/12

Taylor Swift—“I Knew You Were Trouble.” #3 I took this for a throwaway at first, but Swift has said she considers it one of the most important songs on Red. I don’t doubt she feels that way, but the music … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry About the Internet

In an interview with Pitchfork, Skrillex addresses all the hate he gets on the internet. He shows a lot more common sense about it than most commentators and pundits do (he shows a lot of common sense about most things, … Continue reading

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“Call Me Maybe” Dubstep remix

Not great, a little sluggish in places, but clever. The real reason I’m putting this up, though, is as an example of the process of change in pop. I can’t help thinking how rock and roll’s great-great-grandfather, ragtime, was popularized … Continue reading

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