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A world just as cutthroat, but the drugs aren’t as good

A few years ago, during a discussion at the EMP conference on the future of rock criticism and the chances of making a living doing so, someone suggested that music writers turn to academia, teaching classes in pop history, contemporary … Continue reading

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Space is the place

Virginia Heffernan, who has never met a modern technology scare-mongering story she hasn’t embraced, writes in the New York Times about the latest study linking hearing loss and headphone use. Except, according to the abstract in The Journal of the … Continue reading

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Define, please

The problem with stories like this one in Billboard, about a study suggesting that celebrities have almost as large an “influence” as regular news sources on Twitter, suffers from one serious flaw: it never once lays out what is actually … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

“…great art offers a necessary alternative to an over-mediated culture. Art writers should use the internet to counteract the dematerialization of a hyper-connected world, not encourage it through false promises.” —James Panero in The New Criterion Worth reading in full.

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Gleeful forgetting

MTV “News” provides a brief history of Wham!’s “Last Christmas”, tracking nearly every cover version you’re likely to have heard over the last 25 years. Why? Because they just sang it on Glee, of course. Except the Glee Cast sang … Continue reading

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Maybe they can just hum

Via Ann Powers at the LA Times, Cee-Lo Green offers advice to parents who have their doubts about letting their kids hear “Fuck You”. He recommends letting them deal with it. “I wouldn’t necessarily want my children to be naïve … Continue reading

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Could streaming services be the new record labels?

They aren’t now, obviously, and I don’t know if anyone is even considering it, but after reading the most recent study about streaming services and mobile networks, I think there’s a (pardon the word) synergy that can’t be denied. There … Continue reading

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Two makes a trend, right?

Two tweets in a row from Pitchfork make almost the exact same comment about two different albums. Andrew Gaerig on A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s latest, Autumn, Again: “more concise and less wily than its predecessor” Tom Breihan on Bay … Continue reading

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All right, Roger, we get the point, now shut up already

Excuse me while I go off topic for a moment. Roger Ebert has been posting a series of sarcastic tweets in which he refers to various volumes in his book collection as “e-books”. “Aww. My dog Ming chewed the spine … Continue reading

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Just shoot me now

As if the promise of an all-Madonna episode weren’t bad enough: “‘Glee’ Cast Will Take On Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance,’ ‘Poker Face’“

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