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News Flash: Vertigo Replaces Last Year At Marienbad as World’s Most Highly-Respected Boring Movie

Alfred Hitchcock’s most over-rated movie is now considered the greatest film of all time, at least according to the Sight and Sound Poll. Not a surprise, of course, especially since they think that Apocalypse Now is better than the Godfather … Continue reading

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What price Hollywood?

I’ve never been terribly impressed by David Hajdu’s writing. His book Positively Fourth Street, about Dylan, Baez, Richard Farina, and Greenwich Village in the early sixties wasn’t bad, and had some great anecdotes, but his last book, The Ten-Cent Plague, … Continue reading

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Reese Witherspoon as Peggy Lee?

It could be wonderful, I suppose. But it’s being written and directed by Nora Ephron, so it could be awful, as well. Or it could end up like Julie & Julia, and be both.

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Liz Phair fucks with your mind

Out of nowhere, a new album, Funstyle. The first three cuts are essentially comedy routines about her career and dealings with the record industry. Seriously insane. Then comes the personal stuff. Then some soul-funk. Still listening, but this sounds amazing … Continue reading

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My blue humps

James Cameron will be directing the Black Eyed Peas’s 3-D concert movie.

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best news of the day

This could end up being a disaster, I suppose, but Nellie McKay writing songs in the voice of Tracy Flick? I am so there. Just think what her campaign jingle will sound like.

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Suspension of Belief

Over the weekend I went to see Star Trek, which I’ll avoid talking about right now because Jaq hasn’t seen it yet. But there were a couple of moments unassociated with the movie that got me wondering about the state … Continue reading

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Try, Try Again

Terry Gilliam to take another swipe at The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. I doubt, though, that he’ll top the documentary of his first attempt.

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