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The Secret History of The Beatles?

A too brief but fascinating article about the influence of black musicians in Liverpool on the Beatles in their earliest years. A whole book could probably be written on his subject and somebody should. And the sooner the better.

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Why Bother? or The New York Times Covers the Music Biz

The New York Times article on Cee Lo Green and the supposed impossibility of making a living as a musician, even when you’ve sold five million downloads of a single song, came out a while ago, but I’ve been fuming … Continue reading

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Worth watching

This may not make any immediate difference, but Nielsen Business Media is reportedly selling Billboard, and a host of other entertainment trade magazines, to News Communications Inc., which also owns Who’s Who and the insiderish political magazine The Hill. I … Continue reading

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It would be just like them to kill the only one who’s done anything interesting

Joe Walsh Executed To Keep ‘Eagles Greatest Hits’ Sales Ahead Of ‘Thriller’. The best part of the joke is that Walsh doesn’t play on that album.

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Damn, I must have left it on the kitchen counter!

I know things are bad for The New York Times these days, what with declining circulation, online competition, editorial queasiness regarding hard to define words like “torture”, dishonest contributors, and feeble attempts to draw readers by running stories about the … Continue reading

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