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Stating the Obvious

Sometimes you need to hit them over the head with it: HT: Chris Weingarten

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Just Being Jimmy

It rambles, a lot, but Andrew O’Hagan’s piece in the London Review of Books on the Jimmy Savile scandal is one of the best things I’ve read about it. O’Hagan presents a wealth of historical background about the culture at … Continue reading

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Frank Ocean on Fallon last night:

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Dick Clark, RIP

Love him or hate him, he was a force, and though his last years, especially after his stroke, turned him into something of a joke, he did more to make rock and roll the center of popular culture than anyone … Continue reading

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Mad Men Goes Glee

So after last night’s Mad Men comes the announcement that the version of “Zou Bisou, Bisou” that Jessica ParĂ© sang in the party scene is being released on iTunes. What is the point of this? I understand the concept of … Continue reading

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Tchotchkes for everybody!

The most hilarious thing about all the reactions to Steve Stoute’s full page ad lambasting the Grammy Awards, is the sense you get that everyone enters the discussion as if there were no other awards for music besides the Grammys. … Continue reading

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Where have I seen this before?

Slow as I am, I’ve only now gotten around to watching the Grammy awards (I was at a film noir festival the night they were broadcast, watching Ronald Coleman go insane and murder Shelley Winters while reciting Shakespeare—it was worth … Continue reading

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Who really benefits from American Idol?

Beside the producers and the network, that is. How about the judges?

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