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Trumpets and Tripe
Hot 100 Roundup—6/14/14

5 Seconds Of Summer—“Good Girls” #34 Oh, good, I don’t need to like them after all. Not just because this is lumbering, overblown, sexist tripe, but because they haven’t got the brains to produce even semi-interesting sexist tripe. I.e., in … Continue reading

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“Forced” How?

According to a tweet from Ke$ha (since deleted, but reprinted in Billboard), she was “forced” to sing the lyric to “Die Young”, which has been pulled from radio in the wake of the Newtown shooting. Aside from the fact that … Continue reading

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Middle Sex

Eugenides’ first response to being asked about whether books by men and women are received differently is to name three women who write well-regarded literary fiction — Zadie Smith, Joyce Carol Oates, and Alice Munro. He’s right, of course, that … Continue reading

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Walt Whitman predicts the internet.

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Statements that make me vow not to write about anything released less than six months ago, no matter how good it may be

“Firstly, an apology. 212 by New York producer/MC Azealia Banks isn’t exactly brand new. In fact, the song’s black and white video was posted nearly two weeks ago…” Two weeks? Damn, that’s not just not brand new, it’s dead. (HT: … Continue reading

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Hot 100 Roundup—6/25/11

Paramore—”Monster” #36 As their craft improves their energy, though still strong, becomes more streamlined and automatic, and less interesting. This is above-average pop-metal, but if the song weren’t so obviously about the band’s fractious split last year, would anybody care? … Continue reading

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Bubbling Under—6/4/11

Rihanna—”Man Down” #101 The producer says this is intended as a tribute to Bob Marley, which is odd since dancehall barely existed when Marley died. Whatever the case, this may be Rihanna’s worst single: cliched, pretentious, badly sung, and misguided … Continue reading

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Hot 100 Update—2/28/11

Katy Perry featuring Kanye West—”E.T.” #28 Perry is justifiably famous—or infamous, depending on how you look at it—for working all sorts of sexual innuendo into her music without ever sounding lewd or crude. Her double entendres always sound innocent, if … Continue reading

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Promises, promises

It’s always difficult to know how much of what Todd Snider says is the truth; even he can’t tell sometimes. So I don’t know if he should be taken at his word in this new interview, but he makes references … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga meets Zombie Boy

A remix of “Born This Way” over video of a guy who, if those are real tattoos, I am both impressed and slightly repulsed by, which was no doubt his intention. The track itself I’m still absorbing. No idea how … Continue reading

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