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Naptime, or How Did You Stay Awake in 2013?

If one word could sum up pop music in 2013, I would choose “exhausted”. “Tired” isn’t enough, and “comatose” would be going too far, but “exhausted” seems just right.* It isn’t that people aren’t trying—if anything they’re trying harder than … Continue reading

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Shake It Up: Hot 100 Roundup—3/2/13

The big news this week, of course, is the addition of YouTube streams to the formula Billboard uses to create the Hot 100. The new system propels “Harlem Shake” to number one (the first time a previously unknown artist has … Continue reading

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In Limbo
Hot 100 Roundup—1/5/13

In real life, this is the last Hot 100 of 2012, not the first of 2013, but since Billboard starts and ends their year ten days ahead of the rest of the world, in Chartland we’re already into the new … Continue reading

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Does “Mid-turbo” Equal “Wimpy”?

There have been a couple of interesting pieces in Billboard recently by Sean Ross, who worries (I think) that pop radio is in danger of becoming “wimpy”. This would appear to be a bad thing. It’s hard to tell, since … Continue reading

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I don’t make lists. I’ve made a list.

Even before they became the bane of the internet, I was never big on lists. Sometimes I enjoy them, and if they’re well done they can serve as a spark to thinking about things in a different way, but too … Continue reading

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Piracy schmiracy, what if it’s radio that kills sales?

A couple of weeks ago Billboard’s print edition ran a fascinating graph (for some reason it’s not in the online version of the article) charting sales of Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck [Forget] You” against its place on the Mainstream Top … Continue reading

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History is hard

As anyone who cares already knows, today is the day Billboard changes the rules for its album charts and allows releases older than 18 months to appear on the Top 200. Considering the season, it’s no surprise that a large … Continue reading

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Now wait a minute…

Anya Marina’s cover of T.I.’s “Whatever You Like”, which I reviewed in my last New this week post, is bad enough, but in Billboard—or at least the Hot 100 chart (both in print and on the Billboard.biz site, but only … Continue reading

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Worth watching

This may not make any immediate difference, but Nielsen Business Media is reportedly selling Billboard, and a host of other entertainment trade magazines, to News Communications Inc., which also owns Who’s Who and the insiderish political magazine The Hill. I … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson continues to fiddle with the music business

Billboard has announced changes in some of their album charts for the coming year. Aside from a rearrangement of how the R&B album chart is counted and the addition of a Folk Music chart (how that will be defined seems … Continue reading

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