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Into the woods, and out again

This Guardian article by the usually flawless Tom Ewing is a perfect example of how looking at pop music almost solely as a rivalry between art and business can you lead you to the wrong conclusions. Trying to explain those … Continue reading

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Weird tales of record pricing

I’ve been noticing more and more anomalies in record pricing lately, especially in terms of downloads. A lot of people brought up the fact last week that with a little tweaking of special offers, you could buy Kanye West’s new … Continue reading

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Random Notes #1

Frank Sinatra “If I Had You” 1962 In terms of the lyric, there’s no reason why this can’t be a happy song, and that’s the way Sinatra had recorded it in 1957 for his album A Swingin’ Affair. Five short … Continue reading

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New this week

Glee Cast—”Take A Bow” #46 This is so bland I feel like I should apologize to Rihanna for saying her vocals lack personality. I can excuse actors for not being singers, but shouldn’t they at least know how to emote … Continue reading

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