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Headline of the day

Swedish House Mafia’s Pulsating Tour to Come to an End This makes it sound like it was some giant, glowing, amorphous blob slithering around the country, or that the tour, or the group, has flatlined. The truth probably isn’t anywhere … Continue reading

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Damn, I must have left it on the kitchen counter!

I know things are bad for The New York Times these days, what with declining circulation, online competition, editorial queasiness regarding hard to define words like “torture”, dishonest contributors, and feeble attempts to draw readers by running stories about the … Continue reading

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A Perfect Storm

This piece by David Segal in the New York Times about the end of fame in the wake of Michael Jackson’s death is the kind of lazy editorializing that drives me crazy. The apparent disinterest in facts is bad enough … Continue reading

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New This Week

Eminem—“Beautiful” #17 The recent interview with Eminem in the New York Times confirms two obvious points about Relapse: one, it came out of a period of intense confusion, depression and self-doubt; two, the Slim Shady stuff was done more from … Continue reading

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