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Don’t Worry About the Internet

In an interview with Pitchfork, Skrillex addresses all the hate he gets on the internet. He shows a lot more common sense about it than most commentators and pundits do (he shows a lot of common sense about most things, … Continue reading

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Away from the hype cycle

Sean Adams from Drowned In Sound offers some thoughts on how the flood of new music and the 24/7 music news cycle has lead the site to stop following what might best be referred to as the Pitchfork model. I’m … Continue reading

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Two makes a trend, right?

Two tweets in a row from Pitchfork make almost the exact same comment about two different albums. Andrew Gaerig on A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s latest, Autumn, Again: “more concise and less wily than its predecessor” Tom Breihan on Bay … Continue reading

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A couple of final kicks

I’m about to take them off my RSS feed and my blog roll, but I did want to get one final kick in at the Maura-less Idolator. Two, actually. The first comes from Sasha Frere-Jones, who nailed the situation perfectly … Continue reading

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